Aatu Piispanen


Attorney Aatu Piispanen graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2006 and completed his court training in the trial court in Kuopio in 2008, achieving thus the title Master of Laws with court training. While working at the public sector Piispanen specialized in fiscal law and insolvency. He has acted as referendary at the Board of Adjustment of the Finnish Tax Authority in Helsinki and as a Junior Bailiff at the Helsinki Execution Office.

While working at the private sector in soliciting, Piispanen specialized in matters concerning contracts, litigating, succession and insolvency.


Jaakko Ruuskanen

Lawyer Jaakko Ruuskanen graduated as Bachelor of Law from Åbo Akademi University, and received his Master's degree at Law from Turku University in 2018. During his studies Ruuskanen worked in a listed company concentrating on stakeholder services, tort claims and taxation. He has also worked at the Office of Bankruptcy Ombudsman, assisting the senior inspectors with matters relating to the bankruptcy proceedings. In autumn 2018 Ruuskanen started as assisting lawyer at AP Law Office Ltd, where his main responsibilities consist of different phases of bankruptcy proceedings, succession law as well as contractual matters and disputes.


Timo Holmalahti


Timo Holmalahti graduated from the University of Helsinki in 1989 as a scholar of history, with the major in political history. After his studies, Holmalahti worked as a researcher both under a committee of the Ministry of Education as well as in a research project of the Helsinki University. Holmalahti has also gained vast experience relating corporational and business matters when working at administration, importing and marketing tasks.


Sanna Nyyssölä


Sanna Nyyssölä has a bachelor's degree in international and EU law from Tallinn University, and she also has Master's degree in Musicology from the University of Helsinki. She has nearly 10 years of experience in working in music business both in Finland and abroad in Portugal and Austria, negotiating and issuing different types of contracts and dealing with financial matters. At AP Law Office Ltd her main tasks involve domestic bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.